A Psalm of David: When the Ziphites Had Gone To Saul and Said, “Is not David hiding among us?” (Psalm 54)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 54


1. How do you feel when members of a strange religious sect come to your door? Do you invite them in or hide?

2. What strangers (verse 3) attack David (see 1 Samuel 23:1 – 20)? Why do they betray the man who saved them from the Philistines?

3. How does David feel? How do you account for the switch in tone in verses 6, 7 (see 1 Samuel 23:26 – 29)?

4. Has your faith ever been attacked? Was the attack: (a) intellectual? (b) theological? (c) emotional? (d) social? How do you respond?

5. Have you seen evil recoil back on those who promote it? When has this happened to you?



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