A Psalm of David – When Doeg the Edomite Had Gone To Saul and Told Him: “David has gone to the house of Ahimelech.” (Psalm 52)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 52


1. When you were a child, did any three words strike more terror than “I’m gonna tell”? Did you tend to get told on or were you the tattler?

2. What type of man was Doeg the Edomite (see 1 Samuel 22:6 – 23)? What was he willing to do that Jewish soldiers were not?

3. Doeg was someone who used people and loved things. Where do you see that attitude in others or in yourself today?

4. Has anyone ever suffered for helping or taking a risk for you? What happened? What did you feel: Guilt? Regret? Shame? Nonchalance?

5. Are you “flourishing in the house of God”? What is lacking in your spiritual commitment? What helps you flourish?

6. Why are the righteous often compared to trees (verse 8; also Psalm 1:3)? What did trees provide in David’s time?

7. What does David trust (verses 8, 9)? How is that trust in God evident in what David does?



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