The Death of Samuel; David, Nabal and Abigail (1 Samuel 25)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 25


1. When you were growing up, which holiday did you celebrate with “enough food to feed a whole army”? What was your favorite holiday meal?

2. When you get angry, which are you most like?

  • match on gasoline
  • slow-burning fuse
  • smoldering underground fire

3. (If married) how did you meet your spouse?

4. What do Nabal and Saul have in common? How might this story be a “parable” of Saul’s relation to David?

5. Why does David respond so violently? What breach of diplomacy and oriental cultural values is he reacting to?

6. Why does David seek to kill Nabal? Why did he react so differently with Saul (1 Samuel 24:4)?

7. In Nabal’s refusal, what do you detect: Sarcasm? Disdain for authority? Self-preservation? Genuine ignorance? A cover-up (see verses 28 – 30)?

8. If you were recently widowed (like Abigail), how would you respond to a sudden proposal like David’s. . .

  • “no” – pretending to grieve a dead husband you could not stand to live with
  • “yes” –  jumping at this new lease on life
  • “it all depends on ___________”

9. How faithful are you in leaving revenge to God? When did you most recently give someone “what was coming to him”? When did you most recently return good for evil?

10. How do you react when you don’t get what is “rightfully” yours? What can you learn from David’s choices and their consequences?

11. When those in authority over you make bad decisions, should you take matters into your own hand? Pray? Try to dissuade the person in error? What about those under your authority?

12. Who is your “Abigail” – one who has kept you from sin by appealing to your conscience? Do you seek this ministry from fellow believers? How so? How often?



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