David Destroys the Amalekites (1 Samuel 30)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 30


1. Has your home (or your friend’s home) ever been destroyed by fire? How did that affect you (or your friend)?

  • you counted your losses and your blessings
  • you pitched in a helped out
  • you provided shelter
  • other?

2. What has been your biggest loss from theft? From a hit-and-run accident? What did you do to replace it?

3. If you had been the Egyptian, what would you be feeling as your master raided and torched Ziklag? As your master then abandoned you without food or water in the desert?

4. If you had been the Egyptian, what would you be feeling as David and his men discovered you? Fed you? Interrogated you? Followed your lead in pursuit of the Amalekites?

5. While David is destroying the Amalekites, Saul is dying in battle. How does David at this point replace Saul as God’s anointed (see chapter 15 verses 2 and 3)?

6. What commodity (time, money, possessions) are you least likely to be generous with? Why?

7. How does the attitude of David’s men toward authority compare with that of David? What might be the key differences (verse 6)?

8. When harm comes to your family or prize possessions, how do you initially respond? With bitterness and fixing blame (as typified by David’s men)? Or by finding strength in the Lord (as David does)?

9. Where do you need that divine strength now?

10. With whom would you like to be especially generous this week, as a reflection of God’s kindness and provision?



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