Joab Murders Abner (2 Samuel 3:22 – 39)

Scripture Text:

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2 Samuel 3:22 – 39


1. Have you ever suspected that someone in particular might want your job? What tipped you off?

2. When have you been innocent but looked very guilty? How did you prove your innocence?

3. Do you smell a rat in Joab’s comments to David? What?

4. Why wasn’t Abner more suspicious of Joab’s recall of him (verses 26, 27; see chapter 2:22)?

5. Why do you think David declines to punish Joab now (verses 38, 39), when later David will command Solomon to do so (see 1 King 2:5, 6)?

6. When it comes to trusting others, are you more like Joab or David? Why?

7. Like Joab, where are you tempted to go against the wishes of those in authority over you?

8. Like Joab, where are you tempted to act in a cunning and deceitful way to gratify your need for revenge?

9. Like David, where are you showing your sincere forgiveness of those who once opposed you?

10. Why do we instinctively admire “sincerity” (such as David’s) and despise “deceit” (such as Joab)?



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