The Lord Remembers His Covenant (Psalm 105)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 105


1. What is the gist of God’s covenant with Abraham (verses 5 – 7; see also Genesis 15:18 – 21)? Why would the promise of land be so important? Why didn’t God promise spiritual blessings such as great enlightenment or grace?

2. Who does the psalmist think is responsible for the famine (verse 16)? Who planned Joseph’s slavery? Who made the Egyptians “hate” the Israelites (verses 23 – 25)? Do you think God really controls all this? Do humans have no choice?

3. What plagues of Egypt are not mentioned in this psalm (see Exodus 7 – 11)? What ultimate purpose did the plagues serve? What was Egypt’s response to the Exodus (verse 38)?

4. Is it right to trace God’s hand in the history of a country? Is God planning and executing every detail? Or do people of faith simply “see” God in retrospect? To what extent does God control the politics of the modern world?

5. How can focusing your thoughts on God positively affect your attitude? Your emotions? How can it give you a sense of control over your life?

6. Do you find comfort in remembering God’s wonders? What are one or two recent wonders in your life?

7. If God’s promise to Israel is everlasting, what’s your understanding of Israel today? Is the State of Israel part of God’s plan? Do the Israelites obey God’s precepts as an example to the world? Or is “Israel” now the Church? If so, what does the covenant mean? How is God’s purpose served in the Church?

8. What does God think about those to whom He extends the covenant promise? Is anyone insignificant to God? What causes you to feel unimportant at times? Can this psalm help?

9. How has God come through for you when you saw no way out? What has turned out for good? What did you learn?

10. How does the Lord take care of your basic needs? How does God provide beyond your expectations? Are you are gracious recipient? Or do you have to pay God back for the kindness? Are your expectations too narrow? Too restricted?



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