Michal Rebukes David; Regular Worship Is Established (2 Samuel 6:20 – 23; 2 Samuel 8:15 – 18; 1 Chronicles 16:37 – 43; 1 Chronicles 18:14 – 17)

Scripture Text:

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2 Samuel 6:20 – 23

2 Samuel 8:15 – 18

1 Chronicles 16:37 – 43

1 Chronicles 18:14 – 17


1. What familiar names appear after the benediction to this psalm (1 Chronicles 16:7 – 36)? What roles are they given and why? Why does David wait until the end of the celebration and delegation to resume his role as father and husband?

2. What is going on with Michal (one of David’s wives)?

  • she had no appreciation for the spiritual significance of the event
  • she felt this was no way for a king to carry on
  • she should have been a participant instead of a spectator
  • she was a jealous wife
  • her modesty was violated

3. Why is Michal’s bitterness, barrenness and relation to Saul significant here? What does David’s reply to her tell of his character?



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