David and Mephibosheth (2 Samuel 9)

Scripture Text:

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2 Samuel 9


1. When have you been favored by a substantial donor, unable to pay back the gift in kind? How did you express thanks?

2. Describe some of your grandparents’ property? What, if any of it, has been passed along? How does it feel to be an “heir”?

3. Why didn’t the writer of Second Samuel make Ziba nameless here? Why all the details? How might have Ziba known Mephibosheth was living at Makir’s house (verses 4, 5, 10b)?

4. What might Mephibosheth have felt as he is escorted back to Jerusalem? To the throne room? To the dining table?

5. In this regard, what do you make of Mephibosheth’s disability? And his likening himself to a “dead dog”? What might be an equivalent self-abasing comment today?

6. In what ways are you like Mephibosheth as you “stand” before the God’s throne? As you break bread at the Lord’s Table? As you are an heir to your heavenly Father’s spiritual kingdom?

7. When have you shown or received God’s kindness as a “friend of a friend”, as epitomized in this story? To whom can you be that kind of friend this week?



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