God’s Promise To David (2 Samuel 7:1 – 17; 1 Chronicles 17:1 – 15)

Scripture Text:

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2 Samuel 7:1 – 17

1 Chronicles 17:1 – 15


1. Describe the dwelling you lived in as a 10-year-old. How did it compare to your neighbors’?

2. What opportunity have you had that your parents never did? What do you want your kids to have that you never did?

3. How prophetic is Nathan’s initial counsel (1 Samuel 7:3)? Why does it change?

4. Why does God say ‘no’ to David’s household (temple) but ‘yes’ to his house (dynasty)?

5. What about God’s promises in verse 9b – 16 would surprise David? Why? What would most reassure him? Why? What might irk him? Why?

6. In what way today is David’s house and kingdom “established forever” (verse 16; see Isaiah 9:6, 7; Luke 1:32, 33)?

7. When have you felt like doing God a favor?

8. Which do you find motivates you more in your work: guaranteed contracts or performance incentives? Give an example.

9. Which do you find motivates you more in your worship: God’s promises (which are not dependent on your performance) or God’s conditional clauses (where obedience is expected to fully realize the terms of the covenant)? Explain.

10. Do you tend to favor God by working for Him? Or savor God by worshiping Him? Why is that?

11. (For my middle-aged readers): What life’s dream, career goals or family plans are you beginning to see will not be accomplished by you? Who, then, will see those plans to completion? How can you pray now towards that end?

Additional Note:

The Lord’s promise that David’s throne would “be established for ever” suggested that Israel would never lack the leadership they needed. This promise was one of a series of covenants between God and Israel – with Abraham (Genesis 12), with Moses (Exodus 20), and now with David. The New Testament sees this promised fulfilled in Jesus, a son of David, and King of kings forever (Luke 1:32, 33).



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