David’s Psalm for National Deliverance (Psalm 60)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 60


1. Were you ever in a fist fight at school? What happened? Who won?

2. Can you recall a pep talk from a teacher, parent or coach that deeply affected you?

3. While David was securing his borders on the far NE corner of his kingdom, Edom attacked on the far south (see 2 Samuel 8:2, 3, 13). How did David respond to this behind-the-back blow? Does this psalm paint as glorious a picture as the Samuel account (verses 1 – 3)? Why does he blame God?

4. Have you ever felt in “retreat” (scattered, unorganized)? What serves as God’s rallying banner for you?

5. What “Edom” is attacking you now from your blind side? What lesson in this psalm can help you face problems head on?

6. When you pray, do you address God indirectly or as “You”?

7. How are the battles that Christians have to face different from the wars of God’s Old Testament people? How are they similar?



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