Nathan Rebukes David (2 Samuel 12:1 – 14)

Scripture Text:

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2 Samuel 12:1 – 14


1. What special meal do you spread out “just for company”? What special meal do you request when you need comfort and cheer? Is “pigging out” one of your weaknesses?

2. Why does Nathan speak to David with a parable? How does the parable relate to the events of Second Samuel chapter 11?

3. Why does the absence of justice and mercy in Nathan’s account so enrage David (verse 5 and 6)? How could have David cultivated contentment and thus avoided coveting? What is Nathan’s perspective on gratitude (verses 7 – 9)?

4. What right did Nathan have to say, “You are the man!”?

  • he was a recognized prophet
  • he spoke the truth
  • he loved David
  • God had sent him

5. What was the Lord’s message through Nathan?

  • “you blew it”
  • “I am angry”
  • “why didn’t you come to me?”
  • “please say you’re sorry”
  • “it’s too late for apologies”

6. How did David respond to Nathan’s words? Was his confession sincere? If so, why didn’t he do it sooner?

7. How do you respond when someone corrects or criticizes you?

  • I want to cry
  • I accept it without comment
  • I accept it as God’s word to me
  • I get defensive
  • I avoid the person
  • I assume I deserved it

8. Which is the easiest and which is the hardest?

  • to see sin in myself
  • to see sin in others
  • to admit my fault to others
  • to confront others in love
  • to receive an apology
  • to love those who expose my sin

9. If others see something wrong in my life, they:

  • should let me know
  • better be right
  • should keep it to themselves
  • need to be subtle
  • should reassure me of their love
  • should show me by example
  • should also praise me when I do something right

10. How do you feel about God’s response to David’s confession? Are God’s standards for sexual purity: clear or unclear? fair or unfair? outdated or relevant? for our good or needless?

11. Do you have anyone you can talk to about the most personal things in your life? If not, what can you do to find somebody?



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