King David Flees Jerusalem (2 Samuel 15:13 – 37)

Scripture Text:

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2 Samuel 15:13 – 37


1. When have you set out in your car, just to get away from it all, without knowing where you’re going?

2. When you want to go to a specific getaway place, where do you go? With whom?

3. When you have changed jobs or churches or residences, has anyone chosen to move with you? Why?

4. Why do the Levites follow David with the ark (verse 24)? What does that do for David’s sense of well-being? Whose rule does David confess (verse 26)?

5. How would you describe the roles of Zadok and Abiathar in the struggle between Absalom and David (verses 27 – 29, 35, 36)?

6. How would you describe David’s ascent up the Mount of Olives? Why was he weeping, while other prophets suffer loss without doing so (see Ezra 24:16, 17)?

7. Have you ever made Ittai’s promise (“whenever, whatever”) to your Master? Or have you qualified your allegiance somewhat? How so? Why not make a commitment without reservations to follow your King this week?

8. David says, “Let God do to me whatever seems good to him”. If you could bring yourself to say that, what are you afraid might happen?

9. Where do you need to put “legs to your prayers” as David does in sending Hushai to confound Ahitophel’s counsel?



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