Absalom’s Death (2 Samuel 18:1 – 18)

Scripture Text:

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2 Samuel 18:1 – 18


1. Ever play chess? In that game, what role doe the pawns often play? Where on the board does the king usually stay? Why is that? What naked moves make the king more vulnerable to attack?

2. While in the woods horseback riding, hiking, jogging or biking, what is the worst accident that has befallen you?

3. With all the betrayal and spying going on, what makes David think he can trust these three generals in particular – Joab, Abishai and Ittai?

4. In wanting to spare young Absalom, what does that again say about David (verse 5)?

5. What is significant about the location of the ensuing battle in terms of tactics? Results? Absalom’s fate?

6. How does the man who spotted Absalom respond to Joab’s rebuke (verses 11 – 13)? Would you have reacted any differently? How so?

7. What does Joab’s treatment of Absalom reveal about him (verses 11, 14, 15, 17)?

8. Why do you believe our King is worth “ten thousand of us”? What other measure of His worth might you use? Why?

9. As pawns sacrifice for their king in chess (and as David’s men did for him), what will you do to tangibly demonstrate your belief in the unsurpassed worth of Christ the King?

10. Recently, what have you tried hiding from God? What brought the hidden truth to light?

11. When have you had done unto you what you’ve been dishing out to others? How could you reverse that cycle so that “what goes around” is good, not evil?



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