David Mourns Absalom’s Death (2 Samuel 18:19 – 19:8)

Scripture Text:

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2 Samuel 18:19 – 19:8


1. If you could be the very first person to do something, what would that something be?

2. What does if feel like to be the bearer of good news? Describe the “fight” to be the first one to share a recent good news event (such as your marital engagement, a pregnancy, a job promotion, an academic achievement, a scientific discovery, etc.)?

3. When have you nervously paced the living room of your house or the waiting room of a hospital, awaiting some word about a family member’s welfare? What was it like?

4. Describe a victory celebration which someone dampened with a “wet blanket”. How were you kept from rejoicing?

5. Trace David’s thinking: On what is he likely focusing before sighting the messengers? After sighting them? After hearing the first? The second? After receiving Joab’s rebuke?

6. Why is David so preoccupied with Absalom’s safety and so little concern for his own? Instead of cushioning the blow, what does the Cushite do and why?

7. Is Joab justified in his rebuke of David (chapter 19:5 – 7)? Why or why not?

8. What would you have said to David (or your army) if you were faced with the morale problem described by Joab?

9. From what “enemies” has God recently delivered you? If delivered from your current enemy, what would you do without any more excuses or scapegoats? If that enemy is no longer a threat, with what new set of problems must you now contend?

10. With what have you been preoccupied lately? If the worse case scenario comes to pass, what will happen? Then what will you do?



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