King David’s Preparations for Building the Temple (1 Chronicles 22)

Scripture Text:

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1 Chronicles 22


1. When have you ever been taken off a job that you very much wanted to complete yourself? How did you feel at the time?

2. As an employer, when have you had to replace someone who (for one reason or another) was not the right person for the job? How did you feel, having to break the bad news? How did you feel installing a person of your own choosing?

3. What task has David yielded? Was he too defiled by war to build the temple himself (verses 7 – 10; see also chapter 17:10; 1 Kings 5:3)?

4. What feelings can you read between the lines? Is David able to let go (of his dream and of his son)? Is he looking forward to retirement or an empty nest?

5. What resources (material and spiritual) does David provide his son? Would that make it easier, or tougher, on Solomon? What burdens does Solomon inherit because of all David’s preparations?

6. How does David greet his son? How does he bid him farewell? What verbal assurances seem most significant in motivating a son to fulfill the assigned task? What virtue does he insist that Solomon cultivate? How will the Lord help in that?

7. Are David and Solomon cast from the same mold?

8. When have you “passed on the torch” to a subordinate at work?

9. What preparations have you made for passing on your life’s work or family values? Would you “arrange” a child’s life, as David did for Solomon?

10. What kind of head start in life did you get (materially) from your parents?

11. Imagine greeting your friends, children or colleagues with “the Lord be with you”. What would they take that to mean?



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