King David’s Final Years: The Musicians and the Singers (1 Chronicles 25)

Scripture Text:

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1 Chronicles 25


1. What specific training or experience have you had in singing or playing a musical instrument in public?

2. David is often portrayed as a hero without equal. Whom does David regularly depend on to get God’s work accomplished? What three families are set apart by David and his Top Brass? Of these three families, who appears more equal than the rest?

3. What instruments are designated here for special use? How might music serve as “prophesying”?

4. Why would the music be of interest to “army commanders”? To David? To the people? Might this place the singers’ songs on a par with Hebrew prophets and priests? Why or why not?

5. In ancient Israel, men of military and musical ability were needed to serve their nation. Today, what role does music play in military affairs?

  • encouraging the morale of the troops
  • signaling troop movements
  • recruiting volunteers
  • encouraging loyalty back home
  • prophesying and serving the places of worship

6. Are you able to let go with voice and heart in joyful singing? Or do you feel bashful, untrained, unmelodic? What would it take for you to move from the bashful stage to the kind of kind of leadership shown by Gedaliah, Izri and Joshbekashah?



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