King David’s Final Years: The Gatekeepers (1 Chronicles 26)

Scripture Text:

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1 Chronicles 26


1. Where you live, do you lock up at night? During the day? Your car, too? Is your property fenced in? Is that locked too? What does that say about your need for (or lack of) security?

2. What experience have you had giving or receiving “guard duty”?

  • pool life guard
  • kid’s babysitter
  • night watchman
  • VIP’s bodyguard
  • palace gatekeeper
  • National Guard
  • parole officer
  • airport security
  • Something else?

3. What is this third most important function in Hebrew temple worship? (What were the other two?) What specifically did a gatekeeper do (verse 12; 1 Chronicles 9:22 – 29)?

4. Of the guard duties listed in Question #2, which ones incorporate some aspect of Israel’s temple gatekeepers?

5. What security measures does your preacher, church officers, treasurer and janitor take which are akin to the function of these gatekeepers? Whose responsibility is it to guard church property? To guard the church’s confidences? To guard the Gospel itself?

6. What does your church look for in hiring someone to fill one of these “gatekeeper” duties?



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