King David’s Final Years: The Army Divisions (1 Chronicles 27:1 – 15)

Scripture Text:

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1 Chronicles 27:1 – 15


1. Of all you do each week, what would you gladly stop doing for a whole month? What would be impossible to stop for a month?

2. What monthly duties are parceled out in today’s Scripture text? What advantage might this rotation of commanders have for David? For the privates and corporals?

3. In delegating authority, is David trusting only hometown buddies and relatives? Or is he rewarding loyalty and experience?

4. The stress here seems to be on symmetry (to complement one another) and not on size. How would this help ensure healthy Levitical divisions?

5. In listing the physically powerful jobs last (chapter 27) and the artistic and liturgical jobs first (chapters 24 – 26), what does that suggest to young Hebrews who need heroes and role models?

6. How satisfied are you with today’s role models for children?



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