King David’s Final Years: The King’s Overseers (1 Chronicles 27:25 – 34)

Scripture Text:

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1 Chronicles 27:25 – 34


1. Fill in these blanks: “I am in charge of _________________. I want to be in charge of _________________, but only for one day.”

2. Are you a “take charge” person? Or more laid back?

3. Write one job description for the property overseers (verse 25 – 31) and a second job description for the royal cabinet (verses 32 – 34). Include “key objectives” and “skills required”. How do the lists compare?

4. Why would David (“man after God’s own heart”) need a professional friend or personal pastor?

5. These good people began their careers entrusted with royal resources. Where did you begin your career? Where has it led you?

6. What is your basic job description? Anything like these men? Who is your “friend”, counselor or protector?



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