David’s Plans For the Temple (1 Chronicles 28)

Scripture Text:

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1 Chronicles 28


1. (If you are familiar with the history of the United States of America), which children of presidents are unforgettable for you? How many former First Family sons or daughters do you know anything about?

2. In what ways are you known by reference to your dad: same looks? same career? same Lord? same virtues? same vices?

3. From clues in just this chapter, what kind of king was David? What kind of father was he? How are the two roles related?

4. What picture of God is drawn in this chapter? To whom does the Temple belong? And the people? And the kingdom? What difference should this make to Solomon? To Mr. and Mrs. Farmer? To the remnant of Israel (who were the first readers of the chronicler’s book)?

5. What parenting model and ministry motivation do you see in this chapter? What can you do to become a “David” to some “Solomon” whom God has chosen to receive blessing through you?

6. How might you apply God’s powerful promise (verse 20) to your life’s work? Without the assets and assistants Solomon had, what help can you count on to make the promises real?

7. God blesses whom He will, apart from human merit or happenstance of birth (verses 4 – 7). His blessing is unfailing and all-sufficient (verses 20, 21). Can that same blessing be forfeited (verses 8 – 10)? If not, why? If so, how?



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