Gifts For Building the Temple (1 Chronicles 29:1 – 9)

Scripture Text:

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1 Chronicles 29:1 – 9


1. How do you gauge loyalty to a grocery store? To a TV network? To a national football or soccer team? To your church? Are you “loyal”?

2. How does David’s use of money become a model of loyalty? To what three things is David most loyal?

3. To what top priorities are the people loyal (verses 6 – 9)? Do their hearts follow their money? Or vice-versa? Why?

4. As Solomon is still “young and inexperienced”, where is David placing his faith and gifts: in missions? bricks and mortar? people? worship? education? or something else?

5. How does David’s fundraising strategy rate against all the financial appeals you receive?

6. If outside auditors were to look over your checkbook, what would they conclude about your top loyalties? How would you like to change that?



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