A Psalm of David (Psalm 5)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 5


1. Who gave you the most comfort growing up? Mom? Dad? Grandparent? Sibling? Your pets or stuffed toys? Your pastor?

2. What schoolyard bully did you just hate?

3. What do verses 1 – 3 sound like? Look like? Feel like? What is David losing sleep over?

4. What is the focus of verses 4 – 6? Where does the focus shift in the next stanza (verses 7, 8)? Verses 9, 10?

5. Why does David plea for justice one minute and mercy the next? What does it say about his guilt?

6. The apostle Paul applies verse 9 to everyone (see Romans 3:13). Do you deserve such an indictment? Considering your own wrong doing, deceit and violence, what are you praying for? Justice? Or Mercy? Why?

7. Why pray the same thing day after day? How can you tell if God is saying “Wait” or “No”? Why do you persist?

8. How (when? where?) could you build this “morning watch” into your daily routine? Is a daily routine for everyone?


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