A Psalm of David (Psalm 6)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 6


1. Did (or does) your family express negative emotions very well? How so?

2. Why is David so sick with grief? Is God punishing him for sin, or is David just afraid that God is against him (verses 1, 2)?

3. What does David believe about death (verse 5)?

4. Why does David’s eyes fail (verse 7)?

  • He’s in the dark
  • Justice is blind
  • No end in sight
  • Seeing is believing

5. Why the different tone in verses 8 – 10? How does he know God has answered him?

6. Have you ever worried about your health, prayed for healing and not received it, or been sick with grief? How so?

7. What in your life makes you cry out “How long, O Lord”? Why is God waiting?

8. Do you ever see God as an “angry judge”? Does this psalm add to your despair or your hope? How can you turn your pain over to God?



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