A Psalm of David (Psalm 23)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 23


1. With what formula for dealing with stress were you raised?

  • “forget it”
  • “pray about it”
  • “sleep on it”

2. From what part of David’s life does this psalm come (see 1 Samuel 16:10 – 12)?

3. What are the possible meanings of anointment (verses 5 and 6; see 1 Samuel 16:13; Luke 7:46)?

4. Read this psalm again in the negative (“The Lord is not my shepherd . . .”). What verse is most disturbing?

5. What dark valley do you walk now? Has God rescued or protected you with his “rod and staff”? What “green pastures and still waters” has He brought your way?

6. Who are your “enemies” today? What would you like your cup to overflow with?


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