A Psalm of David (Psalm 31)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 31


1. In your family, when did you feel most “trapped” or stuck at home?

  • sick in bed
  • sent to your room for “time out”
  • left with a baby-sitter
  • no one called for a Saturday night date
  • some called, but you had no baby-sitter

2. Is there someone you would hide from if you saw him or her on the street today? Why?

3. How do you picture David’s “trap” (verses 1 – 5)?

4. What turn do verses 6 – 8 take? How is David’s trust rewarded?

5. What causes David’s sorrow in verses 9 – 18? Hasn’t God rescued him (verse 8)? What might have happened to cause such fluctuations in his feelings?

6. What feelings are expressed in verses 9 – 18 which are not present in verses 1 – 5? What new situation is David likely facing?

7. This time, how does David break through in faith (verses 14 – 18) and praise (verses 19 – 24)? What words and acts prove this faith? How is God’s goodness evident? To whom?

8. Both Jesus and Stephen quoted verse 5 as they were about to die (Luke 23:46; Acts 7:59). Were their situations like David’s? What would you like your “famous last words” to be?

9. Where are you feeling “trapped”? By your enemies? Your desires? Loneliness? How will you “escape”?

10. Can you express feelings of abandonment or rejection by God? Does it show a lack of faith? Why or why not?

11. Like David, have you ever felt joy in God, then felt the joy ebb and flow unpredictably?

12. What does the phrase “my times are in your hands,” mean to you?

  • time’s up
  • time’s a wasting
  • fighting time
  • killing time
  • God’s timing

13. What action from verses 19 – 24 do you most need to take? How will you do so?

  • fear God
  • take refuge in God
  • call out to God
  • be faithful
  • place hope in God

14. In what situation now do you need to “be strong and take heart”? What from this psalm can help you do just that?



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