Prayer for Vindication in the Eyes of Enemies Who Gloat (Psalm 35)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 35


1. If you wanted to “trap” somebody who has tried to do you in, how would you do it?

2. If “spear throwing” were your sport, which enemy of yours would you want to be your “spear catcher”?

3. What seems to be the occasion for this psalm? How might his plea be related to the events of David’s life?

4. What hurts David the most? The pain of injustice? The one-sidedness of it all? The Lord’s delay in judgment?

5. What does he want the Lord to do to these people? What do you think of the “poetic justice” in David’s plea (verse 8)?

6. How will David respond when God acts (verses 9 and 10)? How do you account for his rejoicing at another’s downfall?

7. Is David recalling accurately his record of behavior (verses 13 and 14)? Is he justified in praying “against” Saul and his advisors?

8. What is the significance of a “wink” (verse 19; see also Proverbs 6:13)?

9. How do you respond when people treat you unfairly? In what situation do you wish the Lord would fight for you?

10. Are you comfortable with David’s many cries for vengeance? How might a Christian pray “against” enemies?

11. When we pray “Thy kingdom come”, what are we asking God to do to those who oppose Him? How does that relate to David’s plea?

12. What injustice around you hurts enough to move you to pray against it? If nothing does, what does that say about your compassion and concern for justice for other people?



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