Prayer for the End of Scorn (Psalm 69)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 69


1. If your life were the subject of a political cartoon, what traits (physical, clothing, mannerisms) would be exaggerated to make sport of you or to make a humorous point?

2. What’s your favorite thirst-quencher? Are you thirsty now?

3. David has become the butt of jokes in Israel (verse 4)? Is David over-stating his innocence or is all the trouble justified (verse 15)?

4. What groups of people opposing David can you identify in verse 4 -12?

5. What does David fear might happen to those who look up to him (verse 6)?

6. Why does David think he is being subjected to such abuse in the media (verses 7 – 11)? Who has written a song about him (verse 12)?

7. “Help!” seems to sum up David’s prayer in verses 13 – 18. Where do flash floods occur? What must be David’s spiritual condition? On what basis does he appeal to God for help?

8. What does David wish for his enemies (verses 22 – 28)? Do such prayers shock you? Why does he fee this way (verses 19 – 21)?

9. Verse 29 serves as a hinge to this psalm. How so? From the context, what must have happened to turn David’s curse of men to praise of God?

10. What does the phrase “captive people” tell us about when this psalm was composed (verse 33)?

11. What does the psalmist hope for the exiles (verse 35)? Without a temple, what sacrifices can the people make (verses 30 and 31)?

12. How might recalling the experience of David help the people at such a time of exile?

13. When you feel up to your neck in hot water, do you keep it to yourself? Do you cry on someone’s shoulder? Do you tell everybody in sight?

14. In reference to Question #13, what response do you want from others?

  • good biblical answers
  • advice
  • “I know how you feel”
  • no response, just a listening ear

15. The New Testament applies three verses in this psalm to Jesus (verses 4, 9, 21). In what ways might Jesus have felt like David? Why wouldn’t Jesus drink the wine he was offered, knowing it would ease His pain (verse 21; see also Matthew 27:34, 48)?.

16. Jesus never cursed His accusers as David did; instead, Jesus forgave His persecutors from the cross (Luke 23:34) and urged us to do the same (Matthew 5:10 – 12). How are you like David? Like Jesus?

17. How do people today substitute formal religion (“an ox and bull”) for heartfelt gratitude? What tips you off when this is happening to you? What can you do to keep the heart in your worship?



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