Prayer for God’s Presence Even In Old Age (Psalm 71)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 71


1. Which would you rather keep and why:

  • the mind of a 20-year-old, while your body ages?
  • the body of a 20-year-old, while your mind ages?

2. What gets better with age? What gets worse?

3. An elder statesman (perhaps David) wrote this psalm. What was his upbringing like (verses 5, 6, 17)? What other circumstances sound like David’s life?

4. What does he now fear (verses 9, 18)? Why? How might he be a “portent” (verse 7), a foreboding sign?

5. What is the center of the psalmist’s life (verses 8, 14 – 16; 22 – 24)? How does he hope God will reward him for this (verses 13, 21)?

6. How can God “restore” the life of the old man?

7. From among the following, what do you fear most about growing older?

  • failing health
  • failing mind
  • becoming dependent
  • death of family members
  • your own death

8. Were you raised a Christian, or did you come to faith later in life? What are the advantages and disadvantages of either experience?

9. What experience with God in the past gives you confidence now that He will be with you in the future?

10. What would you like to declare to “the next generation”? Why not start this week?

11. What elderly Christians in your church can you seek out to learn from? What would you hope to learn?

12. From this psalmist’s experience and faith, what do you still need to work on so that others may learn from you when you are elderly?



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