A Prayer of David (Psalm 86)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 86


1. What “sign of goodness” do (did) you look forward to receiving from your parents that lets you know you are special?

2. Have you ever needed a lifeguard? Ever wish you could be one? Any lifeguards you would like to meet in a non-life threatening situation?

3. What four reasons does David give for God to answer him (verse 1 – 4)? Is he boasting in his piety? Why or why not? Which reason do you think would be most convincing to God?

4. What fifth reason does he give (verse 7)? Does he sound confident or wishful?

5. What do verses 8 – 10 affirm about God? On what basis does David say all nations will worship God? Has this ever been the case?

6. Why is David now moved to make promises to God (verses 11 – 13)? What does he pledge? What is an undivided heart? What feeling underlies his praise (verse 13)? Why is he still bothered (verse 14)? What kind of “sign” is he asking for (verse 17)?

7. Does God answer all of your prayers? What would you say is the biggest reason God should answer them?

8. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate on self-esteem: “I am a worm” (1) to “I am God’s gift to the world” (10)? How would you rate the attitude in this psalm?

9. Can God’s character really be separated from God’s action? What action does not reflect character? What character trait exists but is not embodied in action?

10. How is God the Lord of modern-day affairs? Of your life? What personal demands does God’s lordship make on you?

11. Do you have an undivided heart? What divides it? How many “pieces” of heart do you carry inside? What can restore your internal unity?



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