The Personal Protection of One Who Trusts in God (Psalm 91)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 91


1. How do you feel when someone gives you a hug? What kind of hugger are you? A bear hugger? Three light pats on the back? Or are you a non-hugger?

2. What does the word “shelter” bring to mind? What person, place, thing or institution is shelter for you?

3. What four names of God does the psalmist use (verses 1 and 2)? What other names can you think of?

4. What types of disasters are discussed in verses 3 – 8? What image of God do you prefer?

  • shield
  • mother hen
  • fortress
  • immune system
  • force field

5. In verse 5, what is the “terror of the night”?

6. Is God’s protection available to everyone (verses 9 and 10)? Who does all the work (verse 11)? How do they show motherly care (verse 12)?

7. Is God’s favor shown by spiritual blessing or material blessing (verses 14 – 16)?

8. If God promises such perfect protection, why does evil befall believers? What does the evil that befell Jesus, the apostles and early church tell you?

9. What does it mean to make God your refuge?

10. Think about all the potential for harm in your life. Could angels be guarding you? Can you think of an instance when you were miraculously delivered or protected “against all odds”? What did you learn from this?

11. Is God calling you to take some risks? How can you avail yourself of God’s protection?



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