A Psalm of David (Psalm 140)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 140


1. Do you like action movies with lots of fighting and gore? Why or why not? What is attractive about violence?

2. If you were elected King or Queen of the World for a day, what one thing would you do to promote peace? Why?

3. What characterizes “evil men” (verses 1 – 3)? Is David opposed to violence in general or just when it’s aimed at him (verses 4, 5)?

4. How does David contrast his character with his enemies’ (verses 6, 7)? What argument does he make (verse 8)? Why would the wicked become proud?

5. What does David want God to do (verses 9 – 11)? Should God answer such a prayer?

6. Why the change in mood between verses 11 and 12? What might God have said to David to change his tone?

7. Who or what is your greatest enemy? What ensnares you, keeping you from following the path God has set out for you?

8. In what circumstances is violence appropriate? What do you make of Jesus’ refusal to defend Himself (Matthew 25:51, 52)? Why was the apostle Peter out of line?



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