A Prayer for God’s Power (Psalm 144)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 144


1. Did you ever protect a childhood friend? Did you need defending as a child?

2. Do you like war films? Which war? Why do you find it so intriguing?

3. For what does David give thanks (verses 1, 2)? Why does he rejoice in war-making abilities?

4. Why do David’s thoughts turn to his insignificance (verses 3, 4)? If he is feeling so puny, why does he launch into a string of requests (verses 5 – 8)?

5. Was David’s humility genuine? Or is he “buttering God up”? What promise does he make? (verses 9, 10)?

6. What hints can you find that this psalm was written after the Exile in Babylon (verses 11, 14)? Did David live before or after the Exile?

7. What kind of prosperity does David desire for the people (verses 12 -14)? Why not ask for great wisdom and spiritual strength? What view of afterlife is implied here?

8. Do you think a country has to be strongly defended in order to enjoy safety and peace? Do you train your hands for war or endorse others to do so? Under what conditions would you go to battle?

9. Why do you think God cares about fleeting “shadows”. Do you ever feel so small as to be insignificant to God?

10. Does humility lead you to greater confidence before God? When do you feel most confident? Least?

11. Do you see yourself as a fighter? A well-nurtured plant? Or as a carved pillar? What one blessing would you seek for yourself?

12. Are Christians the only “people whose God is the Lord”? Who can expect God’s favor today?


Beginning with the next post, we will consider 17 psalms that concentrate on the themes of righteousness and wickedness.



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