A Psalm of David (Psalm 39)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 39


1. Would you want to know the exact date you’ll die? Why or why not?

2. If you had only two weeks to live, what is one thing you must do? Why that one?

3. Why does David ask to know the “number of my days” (verse 4)? What does this say about his mood?

4. Who imposes the silence: David (verses 1 – 3) or God (verses 9 – 11)? Both? Why?

5. What are David’s burdens (verses 6 and 8)? What would he prefer from God: silence or severity?

6. Why does David ask God to “look away from me” (verse 13)? What does he think the Lord’s “departure” will do for him?

7. How is David’s shame like the apostle Peter’s “Depart from me” (Luke 5:8)? Have you ever felt ashamed before God?

8. Perhaps David is angry when God seems unfair. Do you ever feel like God “gangs up” on you? Can you express hard questions or doubts about what God is doing?

9. Does life sometimes seem short and empty? How does that awareness affect your priorities?

10. Compare verse 13 with Job 7:16 – 20. When have you felt God was demanding “too much” from you? What happened to push you to the brink? Will this psalm give you hope in God when hard times next occur?



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