A Psalm of Asaph (Psalm 82)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 82


1. What trial is making the news right now where you live? Is the accused guilty as far as you can tell?

2. Who are the “gods” (verse 1)? Angels and devils? The rulers and judges in Israel? Or some other individual or group of individuals?

3. Of what does God accuse them (verses 2 – 4)? Why is God so concerned about those with the least power?

4. Why does God call them “gods” when He thinks so little of them (verse 5)?

5. Why do these “gods” misuse power (verses 6, 7)? What incorrect assumption have they made?

6. How did Jesus use this psalm when He was “on trial” (see John 30:30 – 39)?

7. What responsibility do you have to the weak and needy?



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