Of the Sons of Korah. (Psalm 84)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 84


1. Do you like “roughing it”? Backpacks and tents? Or do you prefer hotels and bathrooms?

2. With whom do you feel “at home”? Why?

3. What do you like to do to make someone feel “at home” with you?

4. Who were the sons of Korah (see 1 Chronicles 26:1 – 19)? With what are they enamored (verses 1, 2)?

5. Why doe the psalmist mention birds in verse 3? Why do the Korahites love their job (verse 4)?

6. Verses 5 – 7 describe one of the three annual pilgrimages to the Jerusalem Temple. Which one might meet with “autumn rains” (see Leviticus 23:39 – 43)?

7. “Baca” is Hebrew for “balsam tree” and comes from the root “to weep”? What happened to David in this valley (see 2 Samuel 5:22 – 25)? What image does the poet give you of the pilgrims (verses 6, 7)?

8. What do they pray in the Temple (verses 8, 9)? Who is the “shield” or “anointed one”?

9. What could be so good about being in the Temple courts (verses 10 – 12)? What keeps it from getting repetitious?

10. Whose walk is “blameless”? (verse 11)?

11. What makes worship either dull or exciting to you?

12. Why did God command three pilgrimages a year for the Jewish people? Why couldn’t they thank God in their hometowns? What is the difference in corporate and private worship?

13. Are you more a “settler” or a “pilgrim”? Why? What does insecurity do to you?

14. How does this Psalm make you feel about God’s role in your life choices?


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