To God Alone Be The Glory (Psalm 115)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 115


1. What brings out the artist in you? What kind of art do you appreciate?

2. What modern gadget is conspicuously missing from your home? Why? Or do you have everything you need?

3. What trouble is written between the lines (verses 1, 2)? Why do pagans ask where Yahweh is?

4. What kind of gods are the pagans used to (verses 4 – 7)? Why do they worship idols if they have no power? Why do the Jews refuse to represent God in sculpture or painting (see Exodus 20:4, 5)?

5. Why do idolaters receive the fate in verse 8?

6. Who are the three groups addressed in verses 9 – 11? Who are “those who fear the Lord” (verse 13)?

7. What kinds of blessings are promised (verses 14, 15)?

8. What view of the afterlife does the psalmist hold (verses 16 – 18)?

9. Have you ever been asked, “where is your God”? Has your faith been ridiculed? Not taken seriously? How did you respond?

10. What are some modern idols? Christian idols? In what sense do you become what you worship? Are there any ideas, things or people that you trust more readily than God?

11. What do you think of religious statues and paintings? Is it wrong to depict Jesus in art? Why do you think the early church departed from the Jewish interpretation of the Second Commandment?

12. What behaviors and attitudes characterize trust in God?

Important Note:

Good day everyone. Tomorrow’s post begins a category shift that will carry us into the New Year – 36 psalms of joy and praise!



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