A Psalm of David (Psalm 9)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 9


1. If you were a judge, which crime would you punish more severely than is usual? Which crime would you go easier on than usual?

2. Digging a pit for someone else and then falling in it yourself can be embarrassing. When has that happened to you?

3. What might be some of the “wonders” David refers to in verse 1 (verse 3; see 2 Samuel 8:1 – 14)?

4. David sings of God dispensing justice for “the world” and for “ever and ever”. Has God already brought justice or is David just confident his prayer will be answered (verse 7)? In what sense does God reign?

5. How are worship and witness related for David (verse 11)? For you?

6. Who are the “wicked” (verses 5, 16, 17)? What three names are given in contrast (verses 9, 12, 18)?

7. In what way is the Lord “known by his justice” (verse 16)? Does God bring justice by divine intervention or by “the work of our hands”?

8. Psalm 10 once may have been an extension of Psalm 9. Why might it have it been separated into the two Psalms we now have?

9. Which of God’s wonders have you felt like singing about this week? Or are you still distracted from enjoying God’s wonders by the pursuit of “enemies”?

10. What word best describes you? Why?

  • oppressed
  • afflicted
  • needy
  • wicked
  • wonderful

11. Does your private worship affect your public witness? How has your public witness affected your desire to pray, plead and sing?

12. What hope does this psalm give people suffering injustice? What is your advice to them?

13. Does God carry out judgments in this life or does He wait for a future “Judgment Day”? Why has God waited so long?


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