A Psalm of David (Psalm 19)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 19


1. What’s your favorite dessert? When’s the last time you had it?

2. Do you like to read? If not, what would you rather do?

3. Who speaks in verses 1 – 4? What do “they” say? Is the truth about God in nature obvious to everyone? Why don’t some people “hear” it?

4. David believed the sun moved across the sky (verse 6). Is this psalm art or science?

5. What six names does David give the Jewish law (verses 7 – 10)? What eight words describe this law? What phrases describe its effect on our lives?

6. What does the revelation through Scripture do for us that the revelation in creation does not (verse 11)?

7. David uses the least specific Hebrew word for God in verse 1. David then switches to God’s personal name in verses 7 – 9. Why the change?

8. What in creation fills you most with a sense of God’s glory? Can you see God “creating” in so-called “natural disasters”?

9. Which of David’s “one-liners” about God’s law best matches your experience with Scripture? Or should you write your own? How does your sense of its value translate into the time your spend reading it?

10. Which would nurture your faith the most: meditation on the Word or meditation on creation? Why?

11. What “hidden faults” or “willful sins” come to your mind today? Would it be hard to share these with your friends or your spiritual family? Why or why not?



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