Sing Praises To God for His Power, Purpose and Love (Psalm 33)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 33


1. What helps you worship best? Music? Loud shouts? Nature? Silence? Ritual? Why?

2. What aids to worship do you see employed in this psalm?

3. For what reasons is the psalmist praising God (verses 4 – 11)? Where does God seem most active to him: in creation? history? the future?

4. How are both the love and the power of God evident in creation?

5. If verses 4 – 9 focus on God’s creative power, what is the focus of verses 10 – 19? How might verses 16 – 19 bring hope to people in hard times?

6. What response does the Lord expect from all the earth (verse 8)? From all nations, especially His own people (verse 12)? What is incompatible about trust in “horses” and trust in God (verses 16 – 18)?

7. How does God’s “unfailing love” apply to justice (verse 5)? Worship (verse 18)? Hope? (verse 22)?

8. What are two things about creation that have impressed you about God’s power? About His love? Do these things help you to worship God?

9. What modern equivalents would you substitute for the images in verses 16 – 19? Is this psalm true in today’s world of immense military force?

10. Do you believe that God controls even “the plans of the nations”? In what sense? Does that comfort you?

11. In what would an outsider observer conclude that you place your hope: “horses” or the Lord?



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