A Psalm of David. A Song. (Psalm 65)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 65


1. Which season brings out the best in you? Why?

2. What would you want on the menu of your last meal?

3. List the verbs associated with God in this psalm. Which describe God as Creator? As Redeemer? As Provider?

4. Which verses support the possible origins of the psalm?

  • harvest festival?
  • spring celebration of first fruits?
  • national deliverance from drought or famine?
  • God’s forgiveness?

5. How did the Israelites see their God as different from other tribal or national gods (verses 5, 6)? In what sense is God the “hope of all the ends of the earth”?

6. If this psalm was first written after an abundant harvest, what did such plenty signify to David (verse 3)?

7. What aspect of God is most exciting to you today: Creator? Provider? Redeemer? What does it mean to you that God not only forgives your sin but brings you near “to live in his courts” (verses 3, 4)?

8. David expressed God’s provision in terms of a harvest. How would you rewrite verses 9 – 13 to praise God’s provision for you?

9. How would you explain these verses to a people living in drought or famine? Why doesn’t God provide for them? What can your church do to help them?



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