A Song. A Psalm. (Psalm 66)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 66


1. What feelings does a noisy child stir up with in you? Irritation? Attention? Affection?

2. Have you ever been in prison, either as a resident or visitor? What was it like?

3. Who does the psalmist call to worship (verses 1, 4)? What types of things can humankind “come and see” (verse 5)?

4. On what event does he reflect (verses 6, 7)? What does it reveal about God? In what ways have Jews and Christians memorialized it?

5. What tests did the people go through (verses 10 – 12)? What is the purpose of “refining”?

6. What kind of vows did the psalmist think God answered his prayers (verses 18, 19)?

7. What could you say God has done for you lately? What about God and His ways of dealing with all people would we learn from your testimony?

8. Have you ever made a deal with God? Did God do His part? What about your part?

9. All the earth does not bow to God. What is the point of saying so (verse 4)? What is your vision of a world at peace with God?

10. Do you feel God is testing you? How? Why? What “abundant place” do you hope for?

11. What sacrifices should you make this week for the Lord? What would be your equivalent to “bulls and goats”?



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