Of David. A Psalm. A Song. (Psalm 68)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 68


1. In your choice of churches, do you prefer a large congregation for its resources, or a small one for its intimacy? What do you like most about the church you are in now?

2. On a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you like parades? Do you watch them at street level, or from your living room? Why?

3. This psalm maybe based on the return of the Ark to Jerusalem (see 1 Chronicles 15). Why did poets and preachers recount Israel’s history at such events?

4. Which phrases in the prelude (verses 1 – 6) sing of God as Judge? Creator? Redeemer? Parent?

5. What event is referred to in verse 7? When did the “earth shake” (see Exodus 19:16 – 19)? What miracles occurred in the wilderness (verses 9, 10)?

6. The periods of Joshua and the Judges are covered in verses 11 – 14. What kings fled (see Judges 5:19)? What plunder did the Israelites divide besides silver and gold (see Judges 5:30)? What happened at Mount Zalmaon (Judges 9:48, 49)?

7. Israel eventually wanted a king instead of judges. What mountain did David acquire for God’s dwelling (verses 15, 16)? Is it high or rugged? Can you think of other times when God chose the unimpressive to show His glory?

8. What were the “chariots of God” (see 2 Kings 6:15 – 17; 7:5, 6)? What king “received gifts from men” for God’s dwelling (see 1 Kings 10)?

9. What would this rapid review of their redemption by God do for the worshippers as they draw near to Jerusalem with the ark of God? From your reviewing stand (verses 24 – 27), what in this parade do you see? Hear? Feel?

10. What is significant about Zebulun and Naphtali joining the ceremonies (see Isaiah 9:1; also Matthew 4:13 – 16)?

11. The psalmist expands his vision from the renegade Galileans to the neighboring pagans (verses 28 – 31). What does he want God to do? How big is his vision (verses 32 – 34)?

12. Give a brief review of your personal salvation history. What was your Egypt? Your Exodus? Desert? Promised land? Kingdom expansion? What evil had to be rooted out of your life?

13. Who or what are some mighty “mountains of Bashan” that threaten or intimidate you? What does it mean to you that God chooses the “weak and the small” (such as Zion) to confound the strong and accomplish His purpose?

14. Why do you think God works that way? What will that encourage you to go out and do next week for Him?

15. The apostle Paul applies verse 18 to Jesus (see Ephesians 4:18). How does Christ’s ascension demonstrate God’s power and care? How do verses 19, 20 express what Christ has done for you?

16. Do you experience an awesome God in your church sanctuary? Is the building inspirational? The people? The ceremony? How does worship affect your mission in life?



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