A Psalm of Asaph. A Song. (Psalm 75)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 75


1. Which best describes you:

  • Stiff neck?
  • Long neck?
  • Sticking your neck out?
  • Rubber neck?
  • No neck?

2. What is the mood of this psalm? Triumphant? Desperate? Impatient? Other?

3. When will the proud and defiant get their due (verses 2 – 5)? Why not now? How bad does it have to get before God acts? What purpose of God could be served by waiting any longer?

4. Why does verse 6 leave out the “mountains” or “north”? Who was located to the north (see 2 Kings 19:32 – 36)? For what does the psalmist praise God (verse 9)?

5. What has held the world together for you in hard times? Give an example.

6. Does “because I said so” satisfy you? How do you deal with the mysteries of God’s relationship to life’s events?

7. For what do you praise God today? Wondrous deeds? Upright judgment? Firm hold on the world? Uplifting righteousness? Other?



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