Rejoicing Because of God’s Righteousness And Justice (Psalm 97)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 97


1. If you were “king (or queen) for a day”, how would you speed up justice?

2. What was the last party you really liked? Who, besides yourself, was the life of the party?

3. In the psalmist’s opinion, how far-reaching is the power of the Lord (verse 1)? Why does he think the God of the Jewish people is so powerful (verses 3 – 6)?

4. Why are the Gentiles ashamed at God’s appearance (verse 7)? Why does Judah rejoice (verses 8 and 9)?

5. How does one keep on receiving God’s blessings (verses 10 – 12)? What blessings are promised?

6. Can rejoicing be commanded? Why or why not?

7. What word pictures describe God’s presence in your life?

8. Which of the following describes you the closest? Which would you like to be?

  • hater of evil
  • faithful
  • righteous
  • upright in heart



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