A Psalm of David. (Psalm 103)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 103


1. Do you like your job? Why or why not? Would you keep it if you inherited a million dollars?

2. Do you talk to yourself? Why? When is the last time you answered back?

3. Who does David address in verses 1 – 5? How has he benefited from God’s favor? Why does he say the eagle’s youth is renewed (verse 5)?

4. Where is the David who is constantly complaining about disease and death (see Psalm 38:2 – 8)?

5. To where does the focus shift in verses 6 – 14? What “ways” were made known to Moses and Israel? Is a loving and forgiving God known only from the New Testament (verse 8; see Exodus 34:6, 7)?

6. Which word picture of forgiveness do you like best (verses 11 – 13)? Why does God bother with such temporary beings as humans? What seems to be most important: personal souls or impersonal principles (verses 17 and 18)? Is God “talking to Himself” somehow?

7. What is the focus of verses 19 – 22? What takes “center stage”: God’s will or God’s creation? What do you think of the last line of this psalm?

8. Which do you tend to be: a complainer or a praiser? Satisfied or dissatisfied? Why? Has affliction made you positive or negative? Why?

9. Like other ancient Jews, David believed prosperity to be a sign of God’s favor and illness a sign of personal sin (see John 5:5 – 15). Do you think healing is a sign of forgiveness? Is disease a result of unconfessed sin? Why or why not?

10. Does your experience with your father or mother resemble the picture of God in verse 13? Does this image help you? Can God’s knowing how you are formed comfort you (verse 14)?

11. When have you experienced God’s grace firsthand? How have you benefited from it? Whom do you treat as he or she deserves? What would it mean to bring God’s grace into that situation?


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