Praise For A Lord of Heaven Who Is Sensitive (Psalm 113)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 113


1. Do you ever give money to strangers on the street? Who would most likely get your money?

2. Why praise the Lord’s name (verses 1 – 3)?

3. What two extremes does God bridge? Where is God in relation to the heavens and the earth?

4. Why do verses 7 and 8 appear on Hannah’s lips (see 1 Samuel 2:8)? On Mary’s (see Luke 1:52)? Were they like the woman of verse 9?

5. What name of God means the most to you? Why? Based on your life, what name could be added to the biblical ones?

6. If God always exalts the poor and needy, why are they so dishonored in society? How should the Christian act toward them? How can you develop this trait?


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