His Love Endures Forever (Psalm 136)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 136


1. Who was your childhood hero? Teen idol? What attracted you: strength? beauty? smarts? cool? something else?

2. What skill would you like to acquire in your sleep tonight? How would you use this ability? What would be the disadvantages of having this gift?

3. This psalm is called “the Great Hallel” and is recited at Jewish Passover meals. What is the purpose of a “call and response” prayer?

4. What types of “wonders” are listed? In what different spheres of life has the Lord been actively involved?

5. How are the acts of verses 10 and 17 – 20 signs of God’s enduring love?

6. Is the refrain (“his love endures forever”) monotonous or does it center your thoughts?

7. What are some modern-day “gods” and “lords”?  How do they vie for your attention from time to time?

8. Which of the wonders listed especially moves you to thanksgiving? What wonder from your own life would you add to the litany?

9. Why do you suppose God so earnestly calls us to give thank in this and other psalms?

10.  Is there anything you don’t want to thank God for? Why? Is it possible that you have stopped believing in God’s ability to do “great wonders” there?

11. Do you consciously or unconsciously tell yourself that God’s love for you is conditional, limited or dependent upon your performance? How can you hold the reality of God’s love in the forefront of your mind? What practical difference would it make?

12. How do you feel when those who are evil suffer? Do you rejoice that justice is done? Are you sad when anyone suffers? Do you have mixed feelings?


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