Of David. (Psalm 138)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 138


1. Who was the best friend you ever had? What was special about him or her?

2. In the context of the psalm, before what “gods” does David sing (verse 1)?

  • angels?
  • idols?
  • earthly rulers?

3. What “word” has God exalted (verse 2)?

4. How does David tie his own life into something greater (verses 4 and 5)? What possible picture captures his attention (see Isaiah 40:5)?

5. What mood underlies the thanksgiving (verses 6 – 8)? How does God help the “lowly”?

6. How does God cause become the psalmist’s own (verse 8)?

7. What exterior factors encourage you to praise God? What interior ones?

8. Why is humility a prerequisite for asking God to grant a request? How do humility and weakness differ?

9. Do you feel that God is fulfilling a purpose in you? What? How do you find it? Can your faith community help?


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