Of David. A Psalm. (Psalm 139)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 139


1. If you found out the government was bugging your home, what would you immediately stop saying or doing?

2. How does David feel about God’s total knowledge of him (verses 1 – 6)? Is he restricted or protected? Free or oppressed?

3. Why does David bother to pray (verse 4)? Is he free to choose his own actions (verse 6)?

4. Why does David think about escaping God (verses 7 – 12)? What directions are mentioned (verses 8 and 9)?

5. What do verses 11 and 12 say about God’s ability to transform the most hopeless situations?

6. The ancients spoke of child-bearing in mysterious terms (verses 13 – 16). Has science added or subtracted from the mystery of life? What do you think of David’s conclusion (verse 16)?

7. To what “thoughts” do you think David refers (verses 17, 18)? What thought plagues him in particular (verse 19)?

8. What do you think of David’s “hatred” (verses 21 and 22)? Is the mood of personal animosity or concern for God’s honor?

9. Why does he ask God to search his thoughts? How does he show an awareness of his own limitations (verses 23 and 24)?

10. How does this psalm make you feel about yourself and your value to God?

11. What does it say to you about people with various disabilities?

12. If God is so omnipresent, why do so many people not believe in God? Can non-believers escape God more easily than believers?

13. Is there a “dark” situation in your life? How can it be brought into God’s light?

14. Has God “ordained” all your days (see Jeremiah 1:5)? What does this mean? What doesn’t it mean?

15. Do you ask God to check your motives? Does God correct you with an internal voice or do you need the feedback of others?

16. Does any human relationship in some way resemble your relationship with God? How?


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