A Psalm of Praise. Of David. (Psalm 145)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 145


1. Have you ever seen a modern-day monarch? What is the purpose of royalty? How do they differ from presidents or prime ministers?

2. Why does God deserve praise (verses 1 – 3)? What method will be used to spread the divine King’s fame (verses 4 – 7)? Won’t it be obvious to everyone?

3. Is the King’s good repute merely the result of effective propaganda or is there more substance to it? List all the reasons given for praising God. Which is most exciting to you? What is the divine King’s true greatness (verse 8)?

4. How does God treat subjects (verse 9)? And the subjects treat God (verse 10)? Do all subjects respond equally (verses 10 – 13)?

5. How does the Lord return the loyalty given (verses 13 – 16)? What kind of king is this? What two characteristics does the Lord hold in balance (verse 17)?

6. What does the divine King promise to give those who call on Him earnestly (verses 18 – 20)? What can one’s only response to these gifts be (verse 21)?

7. What kind of ruler is God to you:

  • benevolent king?
  • harsh dictator?
  • ceremonial monarch?
  • democratic leader?

8. In reference to Question #7, what influenced your picture of God? Does it need adjusting?

9. Picture yourself as one of the divine King’s subjects. What’s good about living in this Kingdom? Why would spending time with the King one-on-one within the palace walls be the greatest reward for a citizen?

10. What does God want to give you? How do your eyes look to God the King? What promise is contained in the phrase “at the proper time”?

11. Has God fulfilled your desires? Which ones? If you are unfulfilled in some way, does this indicate you are not right with God? What does it mean to call on God “in truth”?



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